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Dwight Tank Sighting!

Please Hashtage us!

If you have bought one of our Dwight Tanks, please send us pictures!

Here are a few that have traveled around the World!

Thanks to everybody who shared pictures with us! More to come!

Shelley went to Italy with her Dwight Tank!

Thank you for sending us this image!

Kat new mommy-to-be has her tank on and found Dwight on our lovely beach in Grayton!

Cat saw Dwight's tank and had to have it plus our tie dye yoga pants by our artist David Hansel. Cat also sells her own designer jewelry at our 1st Friday Art Walks!

Liz has her Dwight shirt on for the 3rd Thursday Wine Walk at Gulf Place!

Kayla saw Cat's outfit on Instagram and had to have it all!

Thank you Kayla for the image from the Red Bar in Grayton Beach, you look amazing!

Kyle has taken her Dwight Tank around the World and her friend!

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